What our clients are saying about us:

Jennifer, I would be honored to provide my thoughts to you. You can, of course, use my name and our company name associated with our statements.

1. What was your experience when working with Jennifer Powers and her team? After a few years of being contacted by J. Powers Recruiting, Inc., we asked them to assist us with a search where another recruiter was having difficulty filling the position available. Ms. Powers was completely open and honest about the challenges we were facing when taking on an assignment in parallel with another recruiter. Without hesitation Ms. Powers and her staff accepted the challenge. Even though they didn’t ultimately succeed in filling the position, we saw the potential for future success. When faced with another opening J. Powers was our first and only call to help with the opening. We met and personally mapped out a plan for satisfying our needs. At every juncture Ms. Powers and her staff of professional recruiters were honest, energetic, professional and relentless in their pursuit of filling our opening with the right person, not just any person. With that, J. Powers Recruiting, Inc. has become our recruiter of choice, racking up multiple successful hires for our company.

2. What did you find most beneficial when working with JPR? The item we found most beneficial working with Jennifer Powers is her honest, sincere and caring approach towards meeting our goals of finding the correct person to work for our company. The process Ms. Powers and her staff embark upon is thorough and comprehensive. They endeavor to learn everything there is to learn about our company, its structure and the personality of the individuals the potential recruit will be working with. All of this leads to the highest degree of potential success for both our company and the people we employ.

3. Will you work with JPR in the future? Why? After multiple successful placements with our firm, there is no reason for our company to contact any other recruiter than J. Powers Recruiting, Inc.

Thanks again for all of your help. Take Care and contact me anytime.

Owner and President, Construction Firm

J Powers Recruiting supported the PUD’s efforts to recruit an electrical engineer. We found Jennifer and her recruiting staff to be very eager, collaborative and fully invested in finding the best applicants. As our selection process evolved, Jennifer demonstrated the ability to adjust her style, pace, and expectations in a sincere and valuable manner.

Director, PUD in WA

Jennifer Powers recently recruited an Electrical Department Manager for our Company. We expressed our need to her in very efficiently run meeting and soon thereafter we interviewed and hired.

Jennifer's professionalism, ability to work within our schedule, and the fact that she kept us informed made our experience with J. Powers Recruiting very rewarding and efficient. Most importantly, however, was the fact that Jennifer easily recognized quality candidates for our open position.

This Company looks forward to working with Jennifer in the future should the need arise.

Director, Construction Company

Jennifer, you and your firm were chosen because of your knowledge of the market place, a flexible/customized approach to search, aggressive pricing, and because you are a nice person (chemistry). All these elements were proven during the actual search and the end result was excellent. You did a fabulous job and supported us beyond expectations. Thank you

Director, University of California

In navigating the delicate communications between prospective employees and the employer, Jennifer and her team were invaluable in facilitating productive and honest exchanges of information critical to the interview and selection process. Jennifer’s coaching and guidance set up a foundation for success - for both the candidates and the recruitment process.

Executive Director, University of California

Jennifer, thanks for responding on such short notice. You're a true professional!

Regional Director, Large Engineering Consulting Firm

Thank You, Jennifer. I am still amazed you found me the perfect job at the perfect place at the perfect time. Good work, Agent Powers! Carry On!

Candidate Placed at a Public Utility