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Gina Academia
Executive Assistant
(916) 304-6664

In college, I pictured myself assisting top level management and I aimed to do just that.

Growing up in the Philippines, I enjoyed helping and assisting my grandma at home whether it’s organizing the kitchen pantry, or keeping track of her household expenses, just to name a few.  After graduation, I migrated to this country. I started from the bottom; worked as a stockroom clerk, and then became a junior buyer/planner after two years. When my manager moved to work for a different company, he asked me to work for him as his Administrative Assistant. Under his supervision, I assisted the manufacturing department for 5 years.  I gained a lot of knowledge/experience and motivated myself to reach my goal. My first Executive Assistant position was working for a renowned video game company.

For over 15 years I have been in executive level support and I believe in partnership and a long‐term collaboration with my manager and colleagues. I view my accomplishments as a mutual thing – the success of my manager is a reflection on myself and vice versa – and thus, there is a true atmosphere of teamwork and solidarity between us. I am blessed to be part of J Powers, Inc. because I’m surrounded with four amazing women who bring so much positive energy to the company.

As I get older, I found out that true happiness is not about how much you make, how many degrees you have, or material possessions you’ve acquired through the years. The most important thing in my life is finding true happiness, peace, joy and calmness in life. My family is what matters to me.  I draw my strength from them.

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