Executive Director

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Location: San Francisco, CA

Opportunity for the Executive Director of the California Public Utilities Commission


Are you looking for an opportunity for a worthy challenge at an influential world class organization?  To make a change for the better in millions of people’s lives?  One where you can apply everything you’ve experienced and learned about executive leadership?  A position that connects you to some of the smartest people in the world?   The position is the Executive Director of the California Public Utilities Commission.


The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) serves the public interest by protecting consumers and ensuring the provision of safe, reliable utility service and infrastructure at just and reasonable rates, with a commitment to environmental enhancement and a healthy California economy. CPUC regulate utilities’ services, stimulate innovation, and promote competitive markets, where possible, in the communications, energy, transportation, and water industries.


Why the CPUC?

  • Lead and be part of the most interesting work going on in CA
  • Influence reduction of greenhouse gasses
  • Be part of the cutting edge in solar and other renewable energy
  • Lead the subject matter experts in energy, water, communications and transportation
  • Have the best internal resources at your fingertips
  • Ground floor for shaping the autonomous car revolution
  • Help protect millions of people lives
  • Continue the worthy challenge of rebuilding the core functions


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Jennifer Powers

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