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Sarah Harding
Associate Recruiter
(916) 304-6409

Sarah has always been intrigued by the recruiting world and the thought of being a recruiter, but never found the right opportunity, she then found herself here at J Powers Inc., and that is where her story began. She is forever grateful to have found a work place that treats everyone like family.

Sarah holds a BA in Psychology from California State University, Sacramento and is in process of working on her MA in Psychology at William Jessup University. Her passion for working with people is what really drives her motivation, seeing other people take the next step in their life is what really makes her world light up. Working with people in all aspects in something she has always been passionate about, which is the exact reason she is furthering her education- to gain a deeper knowledge of how to better serve and help people.

She looks forward to all of the opportunities she will be presented with to help people advance not only their careers but their life as a whole! 

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