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Kip Bridges
Account Executive
(916) 304-6666

I am originally from South Georgia, but migrated west with the Coast Guard over two decades ago. Whew! In my past I ran a couple of small businesses. One as a certified massage therapist and one as a real estate appraiser. During the economic downturn I returned to school to get a Landscape Architecture degree thinking by the time I graduated there would be plentiful jobs given California’s 10 year real estate cycle. While studying at UC Davis, I developed a passion for watershed issues and city planning. However, upon graduation, the gears of commerce had just not begun to turn here locally in construction to provide LA jobs.

Never one to give up, I hung a shingle starting my own design/build company working on the residential level. After of couple years, I realized that putting in irrigation and placing plants lacked the fulfilling challenge I sought.  There were LA jobs on the south east US and South Dakota, but my life is here in Northern California. I began to volunteer for organizations that I felt passionately about. I lent a hand to the native plant society, local traffic planning, and marketing for small businesses where I ran into Jennifer. We were both assisting a local yoga studio where I have taught on and off for a few years.

Jennifer and I worked together creating a marketing plan for the studio. After our final meeting and presentation, Jennifer told me not to be afraid but she was going to recruit me. Gosh, I thought, she must have a landscape architecture job for me. However, she was impressed with my relaxed professional approach and intended to add me to her recruiting team. Her offer turned a light on inside of me in an instant. I have not looked back ever since.

Now, I recruit in Water/Waste Water and Vertical Construction. It’s a blessing to combine my love of business, my passion for watershed science and city planning and my desire to help people under one roof. And I get to do that with colleagues I enjoy learning from and working with shoulder to shoulder. 

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