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Lindsay Lemire
Account Executive
(916) 304-6664

I have always been the type of person that brings people together, or in other words, a “connector.”

Having the opportunity to connect people professionally is the most rewarding career I can imagine. Bringing the right candidate for a much needed position and creating a positive life change for both the hiring manager and the candidate provides me with an indescribable sense of fulfillment.

My foray into the recruiting world began in 2011 when I moved back to Sacramento with the sole resolve to become a recruiter. I had known Jennifer Powers for quite a while and had several conversations with her over the years about coming to work for her. As fate would have it, April of 2011 was when it finally came to fruition. Since I started in this industry, I have learned more and used more skillsets I could have ever imagined.

In college, one of my passions was my involvement in the speech and debate team. I competed in both policy and parliamentary debate as well as in impromptu speaking. This experience provided with in depth analytical skills as well as a “think on your feet” mentality that serves me well in recruiting. It enables me to confidently ask the hard questions, which inevitably leads to better results.

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